Currently Adding Dates

Uncle Bonsai

The popular trio is booking CD Release Concerts in the Northeast, in October '17, and Northern California, in early December '17.

Hilary Field

Witht he release of "Premieres", Hilary continues to tour throughout the United States and Canada. Currently booking East Coast for Fall '17 and International Festivals/Series for Spring /18.

Electric Bonsai Band

It's not electric . . . it's not a band. Singer/Songwriter Andrew Ratshin, of Uncle Bonsai and Mel Cooleys, is currently finishing up his 6th release. Concerts being booked for Fall/Winter '17.

Upcoming Projects

The Family Feast

The new release from Uncle Bonsai. Available September 15th.


Classical guitar release featuring unrecorded works, many written for Hilary Field.

Live Streaming

Look for upcoming "theme" concerts from Uncle Bonsai, live on Concert Window.

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